Dedicated to help you
reach Australia’s healthcare
professionals in general practice,
pharmacy and primary
health care nursing.

Tremain Media

Tremain Media is a media representation agency,
specialising in the healthcare professional space.

We have decades of experience and knowledge to assist clients and agencies
with their advertising, sponsorship and education requirements

Our expertise in print and digital, plus understanding of the codes and guidelines, and the approvals process that pharmaceutical advertisers must follow, provides you with the extra professional support.

Such support is an advantage for you to draw on our know-how and creativity to assist with the best media to communicate a new product launch, revitalise an advertising campaign, or develop a CPD program.

Whatever your requirement, we have the understanding and ability to help you optimise your strategy to successfully and economically connect with healthcare professionals.



About Us

More than two decades of service

We specialise as media representatives in the professional healthcare market and embrace the role as the publisher’s out-of-house advertising sales department.

Representing RACGP and APNA

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) has appointed Tremain Media to service clients and their agencies regarding all aspects of advertising with their official journals, digital platforms and other related media.

Explore what's possible

With decades of experience we know what works and have the knowledge to create possibilities beyond the full page advertisement. Let us know your objectives and we can adapt available print and digital sources to match a campaign strategy, CPD objective or a customised peer reviewed booklet to suit.


As we all expect a certain level of service with helpful advice and information, Tremain Media strives to provide a professional service with every request within a timely response.
Whether we are speaking to a large advertising agency or a small business our approach is always the same so you can make an informed decision.


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